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10 Cutting Edge Startups Move to the Finals in Miami!

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And then there were 10.


Ten finalists, two from each semifinal Visa Everywhere Initiative event for the Latin America and Caribbean region, were selected and will present their projects on November 9 in Miami.




  • Alegra offers an app that manages the accounting of small businesses in a simple and organized manner.
  • Bankity developed a smart credit card, that can predict how much a user will spend in a month based on a person’s spending behavior patterns.
  • IncreaseCard simplifies and modernizes how businesses control, manage and reconcile their credit card operations.
  • OrganizaME is a financial management service for SMEs and entrepreneurs that offers optional electronic billing.
  • Pipol presents a mobile application that allows users to pay a restaurant bill quickly and conveniently.
  • Saffe provides payment and authentication solutions via facial recognition. Through alternative authentication and user verification methods, Saffe offers more security in a creative way.
  • T&E Express is a platform that supports companies in accounting processes, and flows of documentation and information.
  • Übank helps people save money by empowering them to transform daily activities into savings opportunities.
  • Uniko presents a new way of giving and receiving gifts around the world, as it allows users to exchange gifts for money.
  • Vérios is a CVM-accredited investment manager that uses technology and automation to remove barriers and help people invest safely, efficiently and effortlessly.


Finalists will also be given the opportunity to participate in a three-day immersion program to network with subject matter experts, and the winner will take home $50,000 USD and the opportunity to collaborate and co-create with Visa.


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