A New Home for Commerce Innovation—Visa Opens Office in Silicon Valley!

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paloalto5.jpg“Silicon Valley, here we come are!” 


Visa research and technology development teams have a new place to call home in Silicon Valley. The 62,000 square foot site in Palo Alto will now play a central role in Visa’s efforts to accelerate digital commerce globally.


On February 1st, Al Kelly, Visa’s CEO, with Rajat Taneja, EVP of Technology and Michael Ross, EVP of Human Resources, held an open house and invited neighbors, partners and media to celebrate this special event and get a chance to visit this new space.


As noted by Kelly, “Everything we do begins and ends with our technology and talent.” “It’s the only way we can continue to lead in the payments industry, which is moving at lightning-speed. The new Palo Alto office is part of Visa’s effort to attract and retain the best talent and to foster collaboration with the organizations based in Silicon Valley.”



“Space matters,” said Taneja. “It’s an important part of company culture. The new Palo Alto office is really a manifestation of everything we’ve learned from our workspaces around the world about how to design a work environment that fosters collaboration and the open exchange of ideas.”


Taneja also acknowledged the addition of Visa Research, a new organization within Visa which focuses on the scientific foundations of leading-edge technologies—from blockchain and cryptography to artificial intelligence and deep machine learning.


The office features a wide-open floorplan, with rooms for video conferencing, keeping teams connected to their partners across the Bay Area and around the world.


Check out the image of the new office below:





















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