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paulbrazil1.jpgLast week, I was down in Sao Paulo, Brazil to deliver the second day opening keynote at the Case Conference which is the largest startup event in Latin America. I was excited to discover that the Brazilian eco-system is a hive of innovation with huge passion to co-create the future of commerce.


What we know is that today's consumers are increasingly comfortable transacting with new payment options, from Person-to-Person payments to new technologies including mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In the growing network of IoT, where embedded sensors create an ecosystem of connected devices, the customer has the ability to pay on their own terms. However, consumers today still face a myriad of commerce challenges, in many cases leading to dissatisfaction with their overall experience.


From shopping, to booking hotel reservations, to ordering ride share services, there is still unnecessary friction in the customer journey. Over time, frustration and fatigue might affect brand loyalty, which could ultimately lead to a loss of revenue. To combat this, an exceptional customer experience could be critical to the success of online brand engagement with digital transformation at the core.


paulbrazil2.jpgAt Visa, our goal is to help remove unwanted friction from commerce. The Visa Developer Platform and our API offering can help enable businesses with a digital presence to establish themselves as and become a catalyst of digital innovation across multiple industries and market segments.


Visa's capabilities, delivered via APIs on the Visa Developer Platform, enable our clients to implement, extend and customize their commerce experiences using our productized APIs in part (a-la-carte) or in full (end-to-end).


For example, in Australia, the National Australia Bank (NAB) was able to empower its Visa cardholders by building an interface within their mobile app that lets consumers set card controls and indicate when they are traveling to avoid fraud and frustration over unnecessary declines. These card controls are tied to the Australian market -- where consumers will be able to instantly use (and set controls on) new digital credit cards as soon as they are approved. This new and improved NAB app is fast and more seamless, gives customers more control over their everyday banking, and was designed to make banking as convenient and as easy as possible.  To deliver these changes, NAB leveraged its innovation partnership with Visa to incorporate Visa Consumer Transaction Controls and Travel Notification Service APIs, and estimates that by working with Visa Developer Platform, it removed six months of development time. 


Visa understands that our clients need to become the best provider to their customers. We believe that the core ingredients, both now and in the future, are personalization and context through APIs. As one of the world's leaders in digital payments, Visa is in a position to enable our clients to provide enhanced customer experiences through deep customer intelligence.




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