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Press play! This month we're excited to bring you some new dev videos for your viewing pleasure including a tutorial of our newest Enhanced Foreign Exchange Rate API and the Two-way SSL Webinar recording. Plus learn about our migration to a new CDN provider for sandbox and cert environment projects.  Didn't get this newsletter in your email? Make sure you opt-in to receiving marketing communications on your Visa Developer account settings. 






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What to watch: FX Rate API Tutorial




We’re seeing a lot of interest around out new Enhanced FX Rate API! To help, our team put together a tutorial that shows how to successfully create a project with this API and test the connection using Postman!


Learn more in this tutorial 





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Learn all about Two-way SSL 


VDC Webinar with Shana Caricature 1200x675.png


If you missed our latest Visa Dev WEbinar on configuring a two-way SSL connection using openSSL and testing on Postman, watch the replay! Get insights from Visa Dev Evangelist @Shaina_VisaDev to make that successful connection. 


Read about it here






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Visa Dev Spotlight: Diana Tran-Yee


DianaTranyee_1200x675_VDC Spotlight.png


Meet your Visa Dev Moderator! If you've asked a question on our forum you likely got a response from Diana. She's our most active moderator and we thought it was time you all get to know her a bit more. 


Read Diana's Q&A!








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Featured Dev Topic: VDP Sandbox and Certification Environment is Migrating to a New API Routing Mode...




We will be migrating from our current CDN provider (Akamai), to drive towards an improved user experience. The routing model for API gateways for certification and sandbox environments will be migrated to direct routing.


Learn if you need to take action






Most Viewed Question : How to test Visa Supplier Matching Service in Postman?




@PoonamK was able to troubleshoot an unsuccessful response when trying to test the Visa Supplier Matching service in Postman.


Find out what they did 






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Frontend: We have identified the problem...it's stress

Backend: Push the fix! It's time for a dev stretch



Stretch 1.png

Check out the guide of stretches we put together which you can do while at home. Have any to add? Let us know by commenting on the thread, or post a pic of your trying one out and we’ll send you a Visa Dev water bottle to help keep you hydrated! Join the conversation here.










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