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Challenge: Build the Smart City of Tomorrow at Money 20/20 Hackathon

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It’s that time of the year again, the Visa Developer team is heading to Las Vegas to support developers competing in the Money 20/20 Hackathon, the biggest US Fintech hackathon of the year, October 21-22.


This year we want developers to build digital payment solutions for the totally connected, smart city of tomorrow. We challenge developers who choose to build with Visa APIs to re-imagine the cardholder experience in this smart city, that is totally cashless. How will the customer experience in payments evolve in this setting?


Think retail point of sale, ID verification, loyalty and rewards. Developers will mash-up our APIs along with third party APIs to build a solution that could help issuers and/or merchants provide a seamless payment experience.






Cool right? Check-out the details on that challenge here and the Visa Challenge prize (includes the iPhone X and Xbox One X!)




Can’t make it to the hackathon? Don’t worry, we’re putting together a back-to-back Webinar event for you to learn more about building the Smart City of tomorrow without having to purchase travel to Vegas.


Smart City 101 Webinars for Developers:


October 18th @ 11am – How IoT is Unlocking New Opportunities in the Smart City 


  • We want you to be able to build towards this future of connected, digital payments. Get inspired by Visa’s vision on how payments and connected devices can create a better customer experience. Reimagine a more seamless, digital experience for cardholders. Learn how IoT will unlock new opportunities across the Smart City of Tomorrow. REGISTER HERE


October 19th @ 11am – How to build new Smart City solutions using Visa APIs


  • The Visa Developer Technology team will host a technical overview on APIs we have available to support you as you build the smart city of tomorrow. Learn about APIs that support retail point of sale, identity verification, local offers and loyalty and rewards. REGISTER HERE


Connect directly with our team during these webinars by asking questions during our Q&A session. Both webinars are free and open to anyone passionate about building the future of payments. 


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