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What is Currencycloud?

Currencycloud is Visa’s solution to empower Banks, Fintechs, and FX Brokers to offer multi-currency services quickly and easily through a ready-made suite of solutions, embedded in your software via APIs. Currencycloud can provide a single platform and multi-currency accounts that offer the following features:


Offer your customers named accounts and multi-currency wallets to receive and collect funds, making it easier to get paid, without processing headaches.


Access real-time, wholesale FX rates across hundreds of currency pairs to convert funds, save costs and boost your revenue strategy.


Simplify, control, and automate cross-border payments across a wide range of countries and currencies for efficient, low-cost transactions.



View real-time updates and control your money, transactions, pricing, reporting and more from a central console.


Currencycloud Spark

Combine all the cross-border, multi-currency financial services you need in one enterprise solution to give your customers true flexibility.




Design your cross-border financial ecosystem on your own terms; build using our APIs; get to market fast with our pre-built platform Currencycloud Direct; or use the out-of the-box whitelabel solution.


Why should I be interested in Currencycloud?

With Visa’s Currencycloud solution, you can enjoy total flexibility and control over your international strategy with multi-currency accounts, competitive rates, and more for your customers, seamlessly embedded into your existing customer experience.


Flexibility + Control

Complete control over how you send funds and track transactions. Choose to send money through local or SWIFT routes and track all SWIFT payments to their destination. Our revolutionary payment tracking tool lets you and your customers follow your payments anywhere in our extensive network, without needing to call the bank.



Leverage our regulation and compliance capabilities. Outsource your KYC and compliance workload to our team; we provide expertise and a strong compliance framework. Currencycloud is regulated in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.



Tap into a comprehensive international FX system. Execute domestic and international payments in 38+ currencies to over 180 countries, and receive quick payouts in the supported currency of your choosing. Our extensive network of local and international banks makes FX conversions easy, saving you money and helping funds land with you faster.



Grow your business with ready-to-use technology. Use our out-of-the-box options or jump-start your own custom system with our APIs. Automate your end-to-end processes and rapidly deliver tailor-made solutions for your customers.



Use multi-level authentication to control and monitor transactions. Ensure you and your customers are protected with our multiple layers of authentication and authorizations. Define authorization levels to secure transactions for you and the businesses you work with.


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Also, if you'd like to read the full press release it is available here.


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