Developer Recap: Payments 101 Meetup in San Francisco

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You want to understand payments to build tomorrow’s commerce experiences; we want to deliver developer resources to enable innovation.


Cue the Payments 101 for Developers Meetup in San Francisco.



JasminVanT-56.jpg The event’s goal was to give developers a “cheat sheet” style introduction to the payments ecosystem.


Guest speakers Ahmed Siddiqui (Marqeta) and Carl Perry (Square) joined the Visa Developer team to highlight opportunities for innovation in commerce and payments. 


Visa’s VP of Product Strategy Matt Smith began the first session, Deliver the Commerce Experiences of Tomorrow. Matt touched on how leveraging partners can accelerate data intelligence impact. “Partnering on experience not just technology is the future of commerce,” Matt said. 






JasminVanT-68.jpgAhmed Siddiqui, VP of Product Management at Marqeta was up next with The Anatomy of a Swipe, Dip and Tap. Ahmed walked developers through what happens during a payment Authorization, with engaging hand-drawn sketches to animate and simplify what happens when a payment goes through the ecosystem.



“For developers we are taking something that is very complicated and distilling it down to be very simple, so that developers can focus on innovating rather than thinking about, ‘oh my god, there is all this complex stuff that I need to think about,” said Ahmed.


Ahmed’s session also walked through opportunities in issuing and processing. He talked about creating virtual cards, which is a capability available through Marqeta’s Open APIs.



“What is really surprising is there are so many APIs out there which developers can build on top of and it’s actually really easy to innovate now, versus let’s say a few years ago,” he said.



 Carl Perry, Developer Platform Lead at Square, spoke on the important aspects that platforms need to focus on to make developers successful. He called it “5 Minutes to Wow”.


“In commerce and payments, it is super important for people to talk to each other and to companies, who are working together trying to solve similar problems. What we do not want to do is throw a ton of information to developers, which might confuse them and look disconnected. This is a way for all of us to get together and talk about the same things and hopefully make developers lives significantly easier.”


Carl said successful platforms check-off 6 points: simplicity, innovation, stability, availability, cost and commerce.


“It’s about commerce. Facilitating commerce across any channel. Facilitate that customer journey- this is what a commerce platform should model,” he said.


 Watch the recap video below:



Not able to make the Meetup? You are in luck. The topic of Payments 101 for Developers is so popular, we are turning it into a webinar.


Join Ahmed and Carl as they cover off on the same content in the Payments 101 for Developers Webinar. Stay tuned for registration details so you can ask the questions you want answered on the payments ecosystem. 











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