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SSL, TLS & Biometrics are Technologies Mobile Devs Should be Using

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To help devs make the most of 2018, the Samsung Developer team is posting informative Q&A’s with industry experts throughout the month of January called The 2018 Source Code: A Dev’s Guide.


In their latest post, Visa's VP of Platform Strategy Matt Smith shared his insights, tips and predictions for the mobile payments space.


Matt touches on how devs can ensure information shared across apps stay secure:


“The goal of a mobile developer in the payment space in regards to security should be to answer the question following question: “How do I gain and maintain my customer’s trust?” Security is, and will continue to be, paramount in the mobile payments industry. SSL, TLS, encryption and biometrics are all technologies that every mobile developer wanting to deliver payment apps should be using. Proper vetting of resources that you want to consume will help to ensure that your customer’s data is kept secure. Today’s customers are willing to make commerce a daily part of their mobile routine; your app’s security should always reinforce that decision.”


Make sure to check out the post where to read more on Matt’s thoughts on:


  • How does he think the rise of mobile commerce changes the way devs design apps
  • Mobile payments are a space where devs need to collaborate with big financial players/institutions. What’s your advice to devs on strategic partnerships?
  • Doubts about security can get in the way of consumer adoption regarding mobile payments. How can devs ensure that the information shared across apps is secure?
  • The future of mobile payments is rapidly changing. What is the one big bet that developers should be making in 2018 when it comes to developing mobile app payment solutions?


Thanks to the Samsung Developer team for sharing these insights to developers.  


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