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Using AI Vision to help Small Businesses Manage Inventory

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The Visa Challenge 2nd Place winning team wants to bring practical Artifical Intelligence app to Small Businesses around the world.





The team of five created Vision AI for Small Business because of the recent trend in machine learning and are working to get small businesses to actually use their open source project.


What is AI Vision for SMB and how did you come up with the idea?


AI Vision SMB is an app that leverages AI and object detection on top of traditional security cams to determine how busy the business is locally and how much inventory it has.


Why focus on Small Businesses?


Small business is the backbone of our economy, and as we make more advancement in the tech and AI, we should look at how we can utilize it to help the small businesses.


What are the opportunities for developers in building solutions for Small Businesses?


SMB will need a lot of technology advancement ranging from AI, IoT to Blockchain.  As this will help SMB to be more efficient and less wasteful.


What are the benefits Small Businesses have by using technology in their day to day operations?


SMB can access a deeper understanding of their business.  For example, they can now correlate between customer count and revenue, if they see customer could not goes up and profit goes down, it maybe the best idea to raise prices.


What Visa APIs are you using in the project and what user pain-point does it address?


We used Visa queue insight to provide competitor analysis and merchant to merchant to make new orders when inventory is low.


How else could use see commerce being included in the application?


You can buy local ads automatically when you see customers not showing up.


Why did you choose to submit for the Visa Challenge?


Because I believe Visa can make a difference to help SMB to reach their full potential.


What is next for AI Vision for SMB?


We are going to try to sell to a few SMBs and see if we can push the product forward.


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