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Watch: Q&A with Visa’s SVP on IoT Developer Tips and Insights

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The world of  Internet of Things has been booming at Visa this year.


  1. Earlier this year Visa and released the “How We Will Pay Study” that answered What connected devices do consumers own today? How do they use them to pay? How might they like to use them to pay in the future?
  2. In August, Visa enabled payments on the new Fitbit Ionic and Garmin vivoactive 3 devices providing safe and secure payments through Visa Token Service. 
  3. Visa challenges developers attending the Money 20/20 Hackathon in October to build solutions for the Smart City of tomorrow.

In the center of all the action, Visa’s SVP of the Internet of Things, Avin Arumugam, leads a team with the mission of discovering new meaningful opportunities for collaborations with existing and new partners, through IoT.  The team transverses learning curves as they experiment with how to best work with diverse new partners in lifestyle companies and hardware manufacturing. These partnerships will ultimately benefit consumers, endeavoring to bring together an ecosystem that can facilitate secure, seamless payment options from anywhere with any device.


I sat down with Avin for the Visa Developer Community’s first vlog Q&A. Avin talked about the PYMNTS study findings and gave tips for developers looking to build IoT solutions. 


When asked what solutions will disrupt IoT, Avin said:


“I don’t think there is one single idea that will disrupt the Internet of Things. If you think about what IoT is, it is about helping people and companies solve problems using technology in a really elegant way. What is more elegant than having multiple connected devices working together to provide seamless experiences for consumers? When you can pay for parking from your car, or on your way home you can order food and it is delivered when you pull up to the window or when you walk into your home and your appliances will recognize your return via car recognition, those are true connectivity points. That’s what I’m excited about. When the Internet of things truly becomes connected. “


Watch the full interview here.



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