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Watch: Vision AI and Visa APIs in Action

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Imagine hosting some friends over to watch a game and you realize you’re all out of pizza. You want to order more but not sure if there are any offers happening in your area. OsmosisAI has come up with a solution by pulling from the Offers Data API, part of the Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center.






This Visual Coupon demo app is for enterprises to market to consumers. It uses Computer Vision AI on an iOS device, powered by OsmosisAI, to visually identify products and objects that a brand can then immediately send a coupon or offer for either that product or a similar product that they want to market to that user.  Coupons and offers are pulled from the Offers Data API on the Visa Developer Platform.


The Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center is a central offer repository that provides developers an easy way to promote merchant offers to their cardholders. VMORC is a multilingual application used by various teams worldwide to store offers as they are procured. All functions supported by the VMORC APIs are READ-ONLY. All responses are returned in a JSON format. Read through the docs here. 


“Using an image of a product taken on a mobile device to instantly tell you offers about that product or similar products is a frictionless and natural way for consumers to learn about brands and acquire their products anywhere, anytime," said Ryan VanAlstine.  "OsmosisAI powers the underlying intelligence for the brand by allowing them to empower their customer to recognize the object using AI and connecting them to the offer.”


OsmosisAI is a platform that enables enterprises to use Vision AI and embedded business logic to achieve business outcomes.  Using intuitive tools designed for business users (with an optional API for developers and data scientists), OsmosisAI empowers organizations to orchestrate the end-to-end process of “training” any camera-enabled device to “see” an object or business condition through AI techniques and then trigger an action plan to achieve an outcome based on what is “seen.”  OsmosisAI enables enterprises to keep their training data private in their own private instance in the OsmosisAI Cloud or in their datacenter via an on-premise version of OsmosisAI.




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