We're Updating our Community Rank Names

Community Manager

Starting November 1, 2020 you will notice your rank name change. This does not change the level you are already in, we are simply updating what we call each rank to make it easier to understand the order and make it a little more fun to. 😀


Where are you ranked? Can you get to the top level?


The Visa Developer Community allows you to work your way up by earning ranks.  How do you earn these? Hints below but we’re not giving away the secret sauce, keep on engaging and supporting each other.


  • Beta 1 - 3: This is your starter ranks for joining the Visa Developer Community. It's a freebie! Beta level means you are still getting a lay of the land. The more you login the easier it will be to move into the sidekick levels 
  • Sidekick 1
  • Sidekick 2
  • Sidekick 3
  • Alpha 4
  • Alpha 5
  • Alpha 6
  • Super Dev 7
  • Super Dev 8
  • Super Dev 9
  • Omega 10



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