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eMerge Hackathon Winners Mash-up Visa APIs to Build AR Experience for Mobile App

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This June, developers from Miami, Florida competed in The 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon. The event drew in over 125 coders who had 24 hours to tackle complex challenges.


The reward? $5,000 in cash and prizes.


 emerge4.jpgDevelopers use Visa Developer APIs to build hackathon project

Visa sponsored the event by offering Visa challenge winners $2,500 in cash and a chance to meet Steve Wozniak, the Keynote speaker for the eMerge Americas Conference, which took place after the hackathon.



The Visa Challenge: use Visa Developer APIs to create mind-blowing experiences to rapidly expand commerce by mashing Visa APIs with other technology and open APIs. Projects focused on IoT, VR and AR experiences for cardholders.



The event kicked-off early on June 10th with two Visa API sessions. The sessions gave developers an opportunity to ask questions about Visa Developer capabilities and technical support to kick-off their projects.


After 24-hours of coding through the day and night, 25 teams completed a project and presented a demo to the judges. 14 of those used Visa Developer APIs. Half of the top 10 teams used Visa APIs, the projects varied from mobile P2P demos to facial recognition for checkout projects.


 The Visa Winner: The Silver Logic, developed an augmented reality app within 24 hours called The Real Deal App.


The Real Deal app was created to enhance and augment the consumer shopping experience, the application finds exclusive deals around you powered by the Visa Offers Resource Center. Users simply scan a storefront or nearby location with their smartphones, once the Real Deal app recognizes your location it will display animated pop ups showing customers deals available at that location.



The Real Deal App can also be used from home with Alexa, shoppers can ask Alexa to tell them deals from the merchants around their location.


See exactly how it works here. Stay tuned for more from the team in

an upcoming post! 




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