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[] Creating new account or live account i need help

Hi everyone,


I need someone help me to get live account not sandbox i can buy account if someone can sell his/her account, just someone can create account and make his/her account live not sandbox and i will buy his/her new live account!


or if someone can give me or sell his account i will pay more for that!


I need help 😞


I have try many time, to create account, but i can't 😭😢


If someone can help me, i can pay for his effort, if he/she can create new account for me 🙂


Please contact with me:

Thanks 🙂

Visa Dev Moderator

Re: [] Creating new account

Hey @yipman2,


Can you please provide the exact url you are trying to create a new account at? What region are you from?


Are you receiving an error message, and if so, what error message are you receiving when you try to create an account? Please provide a screenshot of the error you are receiving.


For technical or login issues please Get Help With Visa Online at this link (Note: refer to your region in the screenshot below) -


Canada, LAC, U.S +1-571-291-6499
AP, CEMEA +65-6671-5888
Europe +44 20 7795 58 88


20191003 Visa Online Support Contact Us.png


You can also visit VIsa Oline Support FAQ here -


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Visa Online?
Visa Online is the primary Visa business-to-business portal that provides secure and reliable access to information, services and resources needed to do business with Visa.
Who can use Visa Online?
Visa Online is for financial institutions, payment product processors and others doing business with Visa.
How can I find out more about Visa Online?
You can find out more about Visa Online by scrolling down on the log in page.
If I have feedback about Visa Online, how do I share it?
You can provide feedback here.
If I have technical issues, who do I contact?
  E-mail Phone
Canada, LAC, U.S +1-571-291-6499
AP, CEMEA +65-6671-5888
Europe +44 20 7795 58 88
What are the plans for future enhancements to Visa Online?
We continue to assess how well the site meets our clients' needs, listen to the feedback we receive and prioritize updates to improve the user experience.

Enrollment & IDs:

I do not have an existing ID. How do I enroll in Visa Online?
It's easy to enroll. Simply click the Enroll Today! Button on the log in page, and then provide some business and contact information.
What if I don’t have a company email address?
If you don't have your own company email address, please contact the Visa Online Client Support Team for assistance.
If my company doing business with Visa is not a typical one (such as Prepaid agents, or agencies) can we enroll in Visa Online?
Yes, as long as you have the required business agreements on file for the company. You will go through a manual approval process and may take a little longer to get your Visa Online ID and temporary password.

Internet Browsers:

What browser do you need to access Visa Online?
Visa Online currently supports Internet Explorer 11 and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge. We will reassess and communicate any changes to the supported browser list on an annual basis in order to provide a better user experience and ensure data security.
In compliance with PCI DSS requirements, browsers which do not support TLS 1.2 security protocol will be blocked from accessing Visa Online.
Note: Not all applications accessible through Visa Online may be compatible with these browser versions. Some may need to be run in compatibility view.

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Re: [] Creating new account

Hi @




I know all these, and i tried to enroll new account before but my request Rejected


Annotation 2019-10-03 230505.png



My (BID is terminated) and when i tried to get (working BID)

Annotation 2019-10-03 230727.png



I tried many time(2 month) to solve the problem, but could't create the account, So i hope someone help me, and i will pay for his/her help.


Please someone help me 😞




Visa Dev Moderator

Re: [] Creating new account

Hey @yipman2,


Did you send an email to the regional Visa Online Support to ask for help? What is your email address and what region are you from?


Also, you've reached the Visa Developer Platform. This platform is for the developer community, banks and merchants to build solutions with our APIs to market to their customers. It's not a solution for end users, though you are free to create an account and experiment in our sandbox.


If I've misunderstood, and you are a developer looking to build a solution for your customers, please visit this link to "Get Started" and find an API that meets your use case.



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Re: [] Creating new account

Hi @Diana,


Yes i sent an email to the regional Visa Online Support to ask for help, But they said that they can't create account for me (they can't help me!)


my email: ,  region: AP, CEMEA


Yes i know where i am!


I found multiple "posts" here the users talk about, so i said maybe someone here can help me!



to create visaonline account, i should have account "live" not sandbox! and as i said in the comments when i tried to make my account live not sandbox, they not accepted my request, i tried manytimes but i could't 😞


I thank you very much for trying to help me, and I appreciate your effort, thank you 🙂


I tried manytimes about (two months) to get an account and I couldn't, so I hope someone will help me here.


What i need:


I hope someone can help me to create visaonline account or help me to get live account maybe can help me.


I really really really really need account, even if someone need pay for his/her help, just give me new visaonline account and i will pay for his/her effort



Thanks again 🙂