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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.


My name is Mohamed Kassimu, working for Business Connexion Tanzania Ltd and I'm based in Tanzania and currently I'm based in Tanzania, East Africa. I have been working on the payment industry and for the same employer for almost 10years now.

What has brought me on this Dev community is the starting of Visa on Mobile that we are just on pilot stage. I love to integrate with visa APIs and would like to explore more on the so that will be able to entegrate for ecommerse, tokenization services  and other services. Availability of APIs over the internet has made the integration cheaper.




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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

HI. I am Fatima, master student in statistics at the University of Auckland.

For doing my master project I needed to use Visa API.

The tutorials provided by Ricardo was so helpful for me and I have learned about working with API.

I think working with API is more like art .

I am glad that I have the opportunity to be in visa community.




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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hi There,
I am Yuanbo a developer on mobile Payment in Singapore. We are integrating some VISA payment APIs and testing on it. Like to stay tuned with community and meet up with developers worldwide.

Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hi all,


my name is Jarno, I live in Switzerland and I am responsible for innovation at Cornèrcard, a Visa credit and prepaid card issuer.

My focus is not only on technology developments but also on new business cases and innovative payment services. I can therefore contribute with a mixed business/technology view.


Have a great day!


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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hello, I'm Nick, and I work at Kaching AB in product strategy, partnerships and data protection. At Kaching, we are building the world's best mPOS solution for large retailers.


I live in Stockholm, but I'm originally from Thessaloniki, Greece. I've been working at Kaching since the start in Oct. 2016, and in a variety of roles, starting as an iOS engineer. Before that, I was at Spotify in an iOS development role as well.

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.


I am Huy from Viet Nam, currently working for a CMS provider from Germany as consultant and implementor.

Part of my tasks is to intergrate Visa API to Chat Bot solution for payment service.

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Welcome Huy!
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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hi there.

This is Eduardo.

Im part of a innovation lab in a major bank in México.

We want to keep updated in the API services and in touch with the comunnity.
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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hello All,


My name is Jimmy Lai from Orange County, California. I have close to 20yrs of experience in Risk Mgt and Underwriting from the Acquiring Side. Hoping to explore and innovate new products with all these emerging technological advancements that continue to shape our industry. Any technical guidance will be much appreciated.






Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.


I am Tom from Payment Approved. I am a lead backend developer for the various payment integrations. Currently we are interested in integrating Cybersource Payment API and the Visa Direct API's.