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what are the requirements to be a visa partner

which are requirements that must be complied to be a visa partner and use payment processor in production in my app web

a hug and excuse my low level of English

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Re: what are the requirements to be a visa partner


Hello @mikerico,


Thank you for your interest in the Visa Developer program. From the context of your inquiry below, it looks like you would like to do business with Visa or are inquiring about becoming a Visa business partner. If so, please navigate to this Contact Us Form link if you would like to do business with Visa –


Please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case.


Since you are interested in payment methods, please navigate to the link below to view our Payment Methods APIs. I have included some payment APIs that would be a good fit for your project, as well.


Payment Methods APIs


Visa Checkout


CyberSource Payments


Visa Direct


In particular, if you are interested in using Visa Direct, see the top few paragraphs that are shaded in yellow that discuss the requirements to use Visa Direct.
After having read the documentation, if you meet those requirements, then please click through the link in those paragraphs to the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire, fill it out, and submit to the email address listed on that form.


To get started, please follow the steps in the “Working with Visa APIs” link below to register and create a Visa Developer application.


This guide walks you through the key steps for application creation, credentials, and connection validation.

If you are ready after testing your App in sandbox, send us a production request and we will evaluate your Application and other credentials. 


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Re: what are the requirements to be a visa partner

Thanks for the info..