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Type the password for the private key

I have managed to get as far as generating the P12 file using the command shown(with my files as downloaded from the Visa Dev Center) and wish to import it into my certficate store on Windows 10. Using instructions from here

openssl pkcs12 -export -in cert.pem -inkey "privateKey.pem" -certfile cert.pem -out myProject_keyAndCertBundle.p12


The Certificate Import Wizard step asks for the private key password - I have no recollection of entering one. I just recall downloading the key file when creating my application on the Developer Center.


Where should look for this private key password or is it the password I use for the developer center? Thank you



Re: Type the password for the private key

Hi, The private key password is the one you must have set while generating p12 keystore with openssl after entering this command: > "openssl pkcs12 -export -in cert.pem -inkey "privateKey.pem" -certfile cert.pem -out myProject_keyAndCertBundle.p12".

So you need to enter that password in the Wizard.
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Re: Type the password for the private key

Hey @basik,


We recommend you to use the VDC Playground tool for your testing because it's the simplest method to use for sandbox testing. Can you please download this tool and test from there?


You can also download VDC Playground from your Visa Developer project app. Just click on your project, and download VDC Playground from the Assets section and Run it. Refer to screenshot.

20190917 Assets VDP Playground.png


I have also attached the VDC Playground tool as an attachment, for your convenience.


You can find the guide on Getting Started with VDC Playground from this blog post here - 


If the issue persists, please provide the following information and I'd be happy to help:

1. Endpoint
2. Request Header
3. Request Body
4. Response Header (include the x-correlation-id)
5. Response Body

Using SoapUI, you can find the x-correlation-id in the Raw Tab of the response header.


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