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API Integration

Hi all,


We are a licensed balance-sheet lender for Small & Medium Enterprises in Singapore. We are writing this enquiry because we are interested in knowing more about integrating Visa Loan Repayment API into our organisation. The main reason behind our interest is because we would like to deduct any late or defaulted payments from our clients who are also Visa customers. We tried to find for more information regarding details of such a product. We apppreciate if anyone can share more detail information.


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Re: API Integration

Hi @fantianhang,


The Visa Developer program does not have an API called Visa Loan Repayment.


For the most up-to-date list of APIs currently available, please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case and let us know which API best fits your use case.


Since you're interested in payment methods, please navigate to the link below to view our Payment Methods APIs. I have included some payment APIs that would be a good fit for your project, as well.


Payment Methods APIs


Visa Direct


In particular, if you are interested in using Visa Direct, see the top few paragraphs that are shaded in yellow that discuss the requirements to use Visa Direct.


After having read the documentation, if you meet those requirements, then please click through the link in those paragraphs to the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire, fill it out, and submit to the email address listed on that form.


Please refer to the screenshot below on various uses for Visa Direct to see if it fits your use case.


Visa Direct - Why Use It.png


Visa Checkout

We have an expert team that manages questions specific to Visa Checkout so if you are interested in using this product please email and reference this community forum post. Someone will connect you to the VCO team.


CyberSource Payments


We have an expert team that manages questions specific to CyberSource. Please reach out to the CyberSource team directly using the phone number provided below. 

CyberSource Support - 800-709-7779


To get started, please follow the steps in the “Working with Visa APIs” link below to register and create a Visa Developer application.


This guide walks you through the key steps for application creation, credentials, and connection validation.


If you are ready after testing your App in sandbox, send us a production request and we will evaluate your Application and other credentials.




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Re: API Integration

Hi Diana,


Thank you very much for your reply. We are currently looking for the API such that we can directly deduct the money from our client's account. And we also can get our client's consent. Do you provide this kind of API?


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Re: API Integration

Hi @fantianhang,                              


Per your use case, the CyberSource Payments API would be a good fit. We have an expert team that manages questions specific to CyberSource. Please reach out to the CyberSource team directly.


CyberSource Support800-709-7779


CyberSource Payments Overview -

CyberSource Payments Documentation -