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Card Art general question

 Hi There,


I am newly working on Visa card development. recently my boss asks me check card art and develop an internal service to save and provide card art locally.


I read the development document and already get the card art file by decoding the data from api 'getcontent'.


here is a quesion:


Does card art image only content a backgroud image without any individul information on it( see what I thought it would be below)?


Could anyone can give me an article to show what card art is used for?



visaCardArt1.pngthe image i got from visa sandbox




prlCardArt_shadow.pngthe image i thought would be like




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Re: Card Art general question

Hi @ryanshaw,


Can you please tell me the API that you are interested in using for your project?



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Re: Card Art general question


I have been able to invoke Getcontent/GetMetadata Api successfully now.

My question is more about what the Card Art is.
please check my original post
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Re: Card Art general question

I am also wondering the answer. The image we got from SAndBox does not provide much information.