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Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry API - Clarrification


Among the request attributes are the optional fields acquiringBin and acquirerCountryCode.



Why would we ever bother to send these optional fields along if they are not going to provide any extra information?

For example, sharingGroupCode is an optional field, but by providing it, it will cause the API response with extra details about the various networks involved. In the case of the other two optional fields, there does not seem to be any extra information that gets provided when using them, so why would we ever use them?

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Re: Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry API - Clarrification



Thanks for asking your question in the community forum! Having these optional fields are great because it stores additional attribute information which helps to provide more details of the API, and in addition to that, it can also be useful for API mashups.


Thanks for your continued interest in Visa APIs and your continuous passion to learn more about Visa APIs and for asking more questions.


Thank you,

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Re: Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry API - Clarrification

Hi Diana,


From your response I have come to understand that those two attributes have no purpose/use case within the API request and thus can be regarded as non existent.


Thank you for confirming that.