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Merchants Categories List

Where can I get all Merchant categories in json or csv file format?
I need fields MCC and Name or Description.
Also it would be nice to have some logo to each category.




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Re: Merchants Categories List

I have the same problem.


To be specific. I need a better categorization option for the MCC.

Why is MCC 5967 used as "Adult" but encoded as "Direct Marketing – Inbound Teleservices Merchant" ?




Re: Merchants Categories List

Only room for 2 perma posts at the top for the developers to use so bringing this back to the top 😄

Welcome to Merchant RPG. A Fantasy Game of Ancient Heroes and Financial Conquest.*

Greetings fellow Merchant and welcome to the Guild. We are but humble "cough" Greedy "cough" gentle folk who provide a service to this war ravaged land. The Kingdoms of Mankind are swept up in constant heated battle and are in need of men and weapons. Our Guild provides one and we let the Ladies provide the other. Lords, generals, and heroes from all fronts know of our legendary Craftsmen and seek our wares. Your job is to broker and fill the needed gaps in their Arsenal. The tavern holds many an eager young lad who seeks hire to pursue wealth by our means rather than serve the war at hand. Use and abuse them for they are many and we are few. Welcome again lad....Oh and one more thing if ya try to steal my clients, I'll have ya skinned and sent to the tanner.