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Official VISA BIN Table

Hello guys,

I'd like to know if Visa has an official source of BIN information. I've checked at their APIs but didn't found any info about it.



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Re: Official VISA BIN Table

Hi Daniel, 


Unfortunately, we do not have pre-definied BINs. 


BIN numbers are provided by Visa issuing and acquiring banks for the APIs that require this. For the others, we create BIN for transaction settlement as part of production on-boarding.


Does this help?


Thank you,


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Re: Official VISA BIN Table

Hey @ricardo_visa,

I trying to find somehting like this:


Re: Official VISA BIN Table

MasterCard make their BIN table available weekly to members of their developer community. This allows us to extensive fraud and risk management with customers.

Do VISA do the same?

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Re: Official VISA BIN Table

Hey @amitch,

I don't work for Visa but as you can see I trying to find this information for a long time. The information I have so far is that Visa has BIN Table but they only share this information with key partnerships. 

There is alot of non-offcial tables that have it, you can try with them.


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Re: Official VISA BIN Table

all of unofficial tables contain only BIN tables with first 6 digits

We need bin ranges information from VISA