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Sandbox data

I'm trying the B2B Virtual Account Payments - Supplier Service APIs, I make successful calls, but nevertheless what Id am I asking after the next sequence, I always get back TestSupplier111111:

- Create

- GetDetails

- Update

- GetDetails


I did not find anything about the sandbox data itself, is that browsable?

Also did not find any mention in the docs that I can't create new data in the sandbox.


Please give some pointers, what can be the issue.




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Re: Sandbox data

Meanwhile I found the "Test Data" link within the application's configuration page, but based on that it seems that the sandbox is read only, please confirm.

Also how can one provision a bunch of test participants to be able to develop for these APIs?

Re: Sandbox data

Yeah. I second the question. I am looking at the Merchant Locator and there is only 1. I would love to have some more data to test against as 1 data point is kind of useless - other than proving that the call can work...