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Two different hosts for the CyberSource Payments REST API?

What's the distinction between the CyberSource Payments REST API promoted and documented on the site, and the CyberSource Payments REST API documented here?   I understand that Visa bought CyberSource back in 2010, so I'm a little suprised to see what appear to be two separate companies pushing the same technology.


At first I thought the old developer site was being left up to support the older APIs, and the Cybersource Payments API described here on was the next generation.   But now, I see the what appears to be the same API (perhaps?) but with a different endpoint  (e.g. on the other site.


If they are the same API, why are there two sets of documentation and two different servers?


If they are not, why do they have the same name?  And how will implementing to one API and not the other affect our customers who already have CyberSource accounts?



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Re: Two different hosts for the CyberSource Payments REST API?



Thanks for providing us with your questions and solutions in Visa Developer Community forum posts! For CyberSource questions, we have a dedicated expert team that manages questions specific to this product. Please reach out to the CyberSource team directly.


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Re: Two different hosts for the CyberSource Payments REST API?


As far as i know VIsa Developer is Visa's approach to bring all API's & Product offerings under a integrated platform so that developers can use multiple API's in the same app. This benefits the developers as they don't have to create seperate developer accounts on different sites and then integrate things.

Visa Developer seems like an integrated gateway bringing all API's together. So to answer your query i think that

Would also link to the same Cybersource backend


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