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Visa Token Service API help

Hi all,

I'm trying to execute some test towards Visa Token Service API. Follows my problems:


1)I'm trying to call the VTS Enroll Device API. I need the vClientID to build the endpoint, but i can't understand where to find that value.  Where is it?


2)From API Explorer page i'm trying to use VTS Enroll PAN but i receive "Input for encPaymentInstrument is invalid or inconsistent with the profile." . I can't find where the error raise.

Does it exist a sample to verify my encryption tool? Or is it available a snippet code for this? Or other hints?

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Re: Visa Token Service API help

Hi there, 


1 -  Please specify the exact attribute name (as in the documentation) . vClientID - we cannot find this.  Which are you referring to?


2-  We do not have a sample tool for validation. We do have working sample code which also builds encPaymentInstrument. We can release the code based on signing an agreement. Email us at


Thank you,


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Re: Visa Token Service API help



have you found out how to get the vClientID? 


In case you have not, I am also faced with this issue. Here are details to help clarify what API I am trying to use and where the vClientID is necessary. 

You can also find the vClientID in the documentation "Visa Digital Solutions, API Reference Guide" from February 28, 2017 on page 19. 


I would appreciate your help here.