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atm and visa card issues

Hoping that someone can help me.

Today I went to an ATM and used my visa debit card.

I withdrew 400 000 rupee.

I have checked my account and $118.39 has been taken out for this transaction.

This equal a rate of around 3300ruppee.

I heard that lots of people use ATM's hear and doubt that they would if that was exchange rate you got.

On the street 1 aussie dollar is getting between 8200 and 8400.

Anyone have any ideas about who I can contact to find out about the really bad exchange rate.

Kinda annoyed as had I of gone into a money exchange I would have walked away with at least 800 000 rup.

Thanks all

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Re: atm and visa card issues

Hi @martinbaker2727,                             


You've reached the Visa Developer Platform. This platform is for the developer community, banks and merchants to build solutions with our APIs to market to their customers. It's not a solution for end users, though you are free to create an account and experiment in our sandbox.


If I've misunderstood, and you are a developer looking to build a solution for your customers, please visit this link to "Get Started" and find an API that meets your use case.