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404 NotFound while accessing Apis

it looks like am now able to generate the right x-pay-token

Here comes Mr 404

error even when the url returns a response over the browser

av gone through a couple of other forums and it looks like

and X correlation id


Kindly advise Me

Thanks as Usual

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Re: 404 NotFound while accessing Apis

Hi @ezamarichard


I see that you have posted couple other inquiries for 404 error you have received. Please provide the information on this post -


Thank you, 


Re: 404 NotFound while accessing Apis

You have to create a REST resource at /api/banks/1 first; otherwise you'll get a 404, since the resource does not exist.

You can programmatically create a REST resource and pre-load it when your server starts, like this:

var swaggerServer = require('swagger-server');
var app = swaggerServer('banks-api.json');

// Create Bank #1
var myBank = new swaggerServer.Resource('/api/banks', 1, {BankId: 1, Name: 'My Bank'});;

// Start listening on port 8000
app.listen(8000, function() { ... }
Or you can add a POST operation to your /api/banks path, or a PUT operation to your /api/banks/{bankId} path. Then use a tool like Postman to add banks at runtime.

"paths": {
"/api/banks": {
"post": {
"description": "Create a new bank",
"consumes": ["application/json"],
"parameters": [
"name": "body",
"in": "body",
"required": true,
"schema": {
"$ref": "#/definitions/BankViewModel"
"responses": {
"201": {
"description": "Bank created successfully",
"headers": {
"Location": {
"type": "string"

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Re: 404 NotFound while accessing Apis

Hi @elvisfernandes


Can you please let me know the endpoint you re trying to access? If you are getting an error possibly x-correlation-id from the response header. 


Thank you,