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Access to VMPI as a merchant

I'm working for a merchant in Fraud Prevention Unit. I've got visa developer account to investigate potential usage of VMPI in our use case. How do I get started with it?




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Re: Access to VMPI as a merchant

Hey @petrn-remitly,


Great to hear of your interest in VMPI. We've recently announced, that Visa has acquired Verifi, a leader in technology solutions that reduces chargebacks.  With this acquisition, Visa and Verifi will be integrating our solutions to provide the best-in-class, card brand agnostic dispute resolution tools for all our clients.  So now the initial step to integration is the Verifi Order Insight solution will be fully connected to VMPI, which will expand the issuer user base for our sellers delivering an enhanced experience.   
Therefore, to move forward with VMPI, we ask for you to please contact Verifi directly by emailing Verifi at or you can call Verifi at (888) 398-5188 and they would be happy to support you through the process.  Mention “VMPI” in your email for the best possible service. 


Have a nice day! 😊


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Re: Access to VMPI as a merchant

thanks a lot. it helped me ❤️