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Authentication for Payment using VTS

Hello Visa Experts,


Our banking credit card mobile app will be integrated to VTS for tokenization of cards for payment purpose. As VTS APIs are restricted(yet to receive from Visa Team), I would like to know what are all the data to be sent from Mobile App to VTS.

1. PAN (Credit Card Number)

2. Token Key (Generated by VTS)

3. Biometric Fingerprint / Face ID / mPIN (this is required for banking host to authenticate, but does VTS require it)

4. ???

I assume VTS expects the MAP(Mobile Application Platform) to perform the authentication and just pass the PAN / Token information. 

Appreciate your inputs on the Authentication of the Card used for payment.


Thank You


Visa Dev Moderator

Re: Authentication for Payment using VTS

Hey @paul_earnest,


I'll take a look and get back to you soon!

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