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Foreign Exchange Rate per date



I am rying to obtain the exchange rate for a currency per exact date, but in the FoeignExchangeRates API i couldnt find a way of doing it. Into Test Data I see parameter localTransactionDateTime, but it is giving an error when I set it as part of the SOAP body.

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Re: Foreign Exchange Rate per date



Thanks for posting to the forum. Can you please send the response request of the error received, screenshot and Correlation ID so I can take a look at it?


Below are steps to get the Correlation ID using a Google Chrome browser.


1>Open Chrome menu.

2>Click on More tools then Developer tools.

3>Check the box to Preserve Log for the Network Tab.

4>Then try to click on the add API link.

5>You can find the Correlation ID in the network log for add API call.


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