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Getting Started - Visa Card Eligibility Service - Error Expected input credential was not present

I'm trying to get started with the Visa Card Eligibility Service API. I'm trying to register the iFRAME: with the following CURL request:


curl -vvv -X POST -H 'Accept: application/json' -u user_id:password \
--data '{"vendorUniqueId": "<vendor_id>", "correlationId": "dfsdfasdsdf", "requestTimeStamp": "05/12/2018 12:03:0 AM", "extendedData": ""}' 

With the above I get the following response: 


{"responseStatus":{"code":"9124","severity":"ERROR","message":"Expected input credential was not present","info":"","status":400}}⏎

Why is this happening? 



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Re: Getting Started - Visa Card Eligibility Service - Error Expected input credential was not presen

Hi @dpatterson2008,


The ERROR 400 - 9124 Expected input credential was not present error usually occurs when the credentials used are invalid. Can you please confirm if you are using valid credentials? 


Please double check the SSL settings and make sure the keystore has all the necessary certificates imported. This can usually occur when your certificates are not sent.
 • Keystore is not setup. Certificates are not in the keystore
     ○ For java keystore (jks) run keytool command and verify all the certificates have been imported on the keystore
            ○ keytool -list -v -keystore keystore.jks
     ○ For a p12 execute the following openssl command:
            ○ openssl pkcs12 -info -in keyStore.p12
 • In SOAPUI check File->Settings->SSL Settings and make sure the KeyStore and KeyStore Password are populated in Soap UI
 • Check SSL Info Tab in SOAP UI Response and verify you have a Local Certificate 1 , Local Certificate 2 followed by Peer Certificate 1 and Peer Certificate 2


In addition to that, if you are using SOAP UI, please make sure to select "Authenticate pre-emptively" under "Auth (Basic)" tab. Also, please double check in the request raw tab that the "Authentication Basic" is present (refer to screenshot below). 

authenticate pre-emptively.jpg

· Check request header and make sure Authorization: Basic has been populated with the base64 encoded username and password (refer to screenshot below):

check authorization.jpg


Please follow the getting started guide and read the Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication) guide:


If the issue persists, please provide more information on the error you have received for further investigation. Please send the response request of the error received, screenshot and the Correlation ID. Please let us know if you have other questions.
Below are the steps to get the Correlation ID using a Google Chrome browser.
1>Open Chrome menu.
2>Click on More tools then Developer tools.
3>Check the box to Preserve Log for the Network Tab.
4>Then try to click on the add API link.
5>You can find the Correlation ID in the network log for add API call.