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IAT visa net and ICA

Greetings, I need to get ICA visa net and ICA.. am I in the right place? Can someone tell me how to go about it pls?


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Re: IAT visa net and ICA

Hi @Tatum,


To answer your question, you are not in the right place for an IAT/ICA query because the IAT/ICA number is not directly related to the Visa Developer Portal, therefore, I will not be able to comment directly on how you will get the IAT/ICA number. Please contact the person asking you to provide IAT/ICA number for the significance of IAT/ICA.

However, I can help to provide you with further assistance, if you send an email and reference this community forum post to



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Re: IAT visa net and ICA

Hi there,

when working on the project, I followed the guide from

Best of luck