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Merchang ID

Hi, I called my bank, wells fargo to obtain a merchant ID and I was told that they could only offer me a merchang id that will work with

Could you clarify me if I can use your Development Center having a wells fargo account?




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Re: Merchang ID



Can you please let us know the use case you are trying to implement , so we can let you know the right APIs that are available on Visa Developer Platform ?


Since you mentioned about Authorize.Net, you can also reach out to their support regarding your use case .





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Re: Merchang ID

Hello, we are developing a Video Streaming content platform that initially will sell shows / series by transactions per show, then in time move towards subscription model



I am wondering how to obtain a merchant id if I want to move forward using Visa Developer Center. having a bank account at Wells Fargo.


Thank you very much!