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Python Packages

Hello dear visa developers,


as I am working in a fully python environment and would like know recommend some packages?


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Re: Python Packages

Hey @Daniel_Dai,


If you're looking for Python sample code, please login to your VDP account and create a project. From the left side menu, click on Sample Code and then you will be able to download Python code.


To Create Project you can refer to the Working with Visa APIs link here -


20191022 Sample Code Python.png


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Re: Python Packages

On Windows, all files of your Python packages can be found in the directory of C:\Anaconda2\Lib\site-packages if you use the default path when you install Anaconda. To upgrade the pip version on OS X, type pip install --upgrade pip in the command line.


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Re: Python Packages

i think python will rule the world soon, Packages are namespaces which contain multiple packages and modules themselves. They are simply directories, but with a twist. Each package in Python is a directory which MUST contain a special file called .

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