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I wish to play with the visa api especially the following scenarios.


  • Visa Account Creation
  • Visa Account Update
  • Visa Card Enquiry given the 16 digit pan number.

Can you share any samples in Java, which i can run on my eclipse. Also Share the Java Developer guide.





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Re: Sample

Hi @navindian,


Can you please let me know the specific API that you are interested in using? Please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case.


Please follow the steps in the “Working with Visa APIs” link below to register and create a Visa Developer application.


This guide walks you through the key steps for application creation, credentials, and connection validation.


If you are ready after testing your App in sandbox, send us a production request and we will evaluate your Application and other credentials. 


Additionally, you can view the sample code by visiting your project dashboard. Sample code is located on the left side of the project dashboard. 


20181004 Sample Code.png

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