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Unable to obtain a ClientAppId or profile

How do I create a ClientAppId?

On my visa token service project, under test data, I see the message

Encryption API Key, Encryption Shared Secret, clientAppID('App ID' entered while creating Visa Token Services profile)For Visa Token Services specific test parameters, also log into Please create a Visa Token Services profile with Token Requestor ID and other mandatory fields.


I have signed up at that address, and when I try to create a profile there as instructed, it won’t let me enter or select an App Id (it says “no matches found”). 

What am I missing? How do I get a ClientAppId?

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Re: Unable to obtain a ClientAppId or profile

Don't worry, there was a problem with the form. Tried again and this time it let me create a new app id.

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Re: Unable to obtain a ClientAppId or profile



That's total awesomeness! Thanks for providing us with a status update and great to hear things are working out for you.


Thanks for posting your question to the community forum, feel free to keep posting in the forum and someone will gladly work with you towards a resolution.


Thank you,


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