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VTC - how can we simulate delivery of notification

as the title says, is there a way to simulate delivery of alerts? what are the flows? thanks a lot!

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Re: VTC - how can we simulate delivery of notification



Yes, you can get static sample alerts delivered in Sandbox. In order to do that, you need to create a project on VDP ( and add VTC API to the project.


Once the VTC project is created, you can go to your project dashboard and click on Configuration section to add the outbound API configuration where you provide your end point URL to receive the alerts. Once you submit the same, it comes to Visa for approval. Post approval, you can test the Notification alerts in sandbox environment.


Please go through the below link for setting up outbound URL and the pre-requisties required on your end.





Re: VTC - how can we simulate delivery of notification

so we have to define an endpoint for the call back to test?


does dev sandbox/VISA have capability to process the delivery of notification?


steps i've done so far:
POST vctc/customerrules/v1/consumertransactioncontrols

"primaryAccountNumber": "4511460881140001",
"alertsEnrollmentDetails": {
"countryCode": "CAN",
"firstName": "**",
"lastName": "**",
"preferredLanguage": "en-us",
"userIdentifier": "**@**.com",
"defaultAlertsPreferences": [{
"status": "Active",
"isVerified": "true",
"contactType": "SMS",
"contactValue": "****"
"status": "Active",
"isVerified": "true",
"contactType": "Email",
"contactValue": "**@**.com"

get a response with "documentId": "****"


then POST vctc/customerrules/v1/consumertransactioncontrols/{documentID}/rules

"transactionControls": [
"controlType": "TCT_CROSS_BORDER",
"userIdentifier": "**@**.com",
"alertThreshold": "10",
"declineThreshold": "100",
"shouldAlertOnDecline": "true",
"shouldDeclineAll": "true",
"alertType": "DECLINE_ALL",
"isControlEnabled": "true"


i assumed that this would trigger the alert:
POST vctc/validation/v1/decisions

"primaryAccountNumber": "4511460881140001",
"cardholderBillAmount": "100",
"processingCode": "000000",
"messageType": "0100",
"decisionType": "RECOMMENDED",
"transactionID": "2132133231",
"retrievalReferenceNumber": "000000000002",
"dateTimeLocal": "0308080000",
"merchantInfo": {
"countryCode": "USA",
"currencyCode": "840",
"merchantCategoryCode": "5310"
"pointOfServiceInfo": {
"terminalEntryCapability": "MAG_STRIPE_READ",
"terminalType": "POS_TERMINAL",
"securityCondition": "IDENTIFICATION_VERIFIED",
"presentationData": {
"isCardPresent": "true",
"howPresented": "CUSTOMER_PRESENT"
"terminalClass": {
"deviceLocation": "ON_PREMISE",
"howOperated": "CUSTOMER_OPERATED",
"isAttended": "false"

and will get the reply

{"receivedTimestamp":"2019-03-08 19:32:46.995","processingTimeinMs":51,"resource":{"decisionID":"ctc-vd-ecf32fee-452a-413d-bc31-9bb5fc2658e7","decisionResponse":{"shouldDecline":false,"decisionResponseTimeStamp":"2019-03-08 19:32:47","responseMessage":"CARD_NOT_ENROLLED","isStepUpAuthReason":true,"ageVerificationSuccess":true,"bioMetricVerificationSuccess":true}}}