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Visa Checkout - issues using Edge and IE

Issues using Visa Checkout button in IE and Edge.

It only works in Chrome! 


I have a simple web page below. I have x'd out my API key. 


When ran in Edge - You cannot enter input into the Enter Email Address area

When ran in IE 11 - it throws a javascript error when it is displaying my info and I press continue

JavaScript critical error at line 42, column 294 in;src=2592736;type=vcote0;cat=vco-ccc4;ord=3321435432365... Click;u18=USD;~oref=\n\nSCRIPT1004: Expected ';'


Sample page


<!DOCTYPE html>

<meta charset="utf-8"/>
function onVisaCheckoutReady() {
apikey: "xxx",
paymentRequest: {
currencyCode: "USD",
subtotal: "11.00",
total: "11.00"

V.on("payment.success", function(payment) { alert(JSON.stringify(payment)); });
V.on("payment.cancel", function(payment) { alert(JSON.stringify(payment)); });
V.on("payment.error", function(payment, error) { alert(JSON.stringify(error)); });
<img alt="Visa Checkout" class="v-button" role="button" src="" />
<script src="">...>

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Re: Visa Checkout - issues using Edge and IE

Hi KJW -

Hmm. Why is a double click ad opening when you attempt to use the lightbox? This seems to indicate a problem with your browser or environment.  Suggest you try figuring out why the double click ad is being loaded, and removing whatever is causing that?.



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Re: Visa Checkout - issues using Edge and IE

Marty ignore the IE part that works, Edge however does not let you enter in information, starting with the Email Address.

Turns out our company does not need to support Edge for this application. Thanks for your response.


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Re: Visa Checkout - issues using Edge and IE