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create a new Visa Checkout account

   Hello Sir

I'm trying  to integrate VisaCheckout Android SDK.

But i don't see how to create a new Visa Checkout account  in order to test the sample.

thank you for yor help.

Visa Dev Moderator

Re: create a new Visa Checkout account



Thank you for your question regarding Visa Checkout. We have an expert team that manages questions specific to this product. Can you please share the below details to, so we can debug this further ?


1. Detailed steps with screenshot on how you are trying to create test account

2.  Error you are getting

3. Any system logs





Re: create a new Visa Checkout account

I was trying to link my Samsung Pay to Visa Checkout. The problem is that I have different email addresses for both those accounts, and on trying to link them, Samsung Pay is forcing me to create a new account corresponding to the email address it's registered to. Is there any way around this?