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"userKey" parmeter in Enroll Customer API

For the Enroll Customer API, I set the value of "userKey" parmeter as unique string of user(such as email or mp). And only one card is contained in the "cards" parmeter every call of API. When I call the API to bind other card for user, the response is that:

    "errorCode": "RTMENRE0025",
    "errorMessage": "The UserKey provided is already in use."


So how to solve this problem?

Should I call the Unenroll Customer API first and then call the Enroll Customer API of containing all the user's card ? Or I can generate a different userKey every time call for the same user ?


A confuse, is the "userKey" parmeter related to user or user's card?

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Re: "userKey" parmeter in Enroll Customer API

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Re: "userKey" parmeter in Enroll Customer API



We are looking into the options which can resolve this for you. we will get back to you shortly.