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Error to access the production environmen

Error to access the production environmen

When I want to promote my project a have the following error:

Unfortunately, we encountered some error. Please contact VDP support.

What do I have to do?

I send an email a month ago to visa developer address but I dont have a answer yet. I need to promove my project.



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Re: Error to access the production environmen

Hi @fundacionpresma,


If you haven't submitted the Promotion Request Form yet please send this inquiry via email to and let them know you'd like to submit the Promotion Request Form and someone will provide you with a copy of the form for you to fill out and reply back to for form submission. 


Project promotion request is reviewed by our product team. There's no set timeline on how long it takes for the product team to review the request, because each request is reviewed case by case so it will take some time for someone to reach out to you.


Thank you,


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