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Going Live

I am pretty sure that I completed the step-by-step process to set-up the visa checkout app; I even have done a couple of trial runs on my website, everything seems to work ok, yet I don't know if I have to do another step to actually "go live"? or do I wait for an approval or certification from this website?? Also, could not find a CSR phone number to call and there one?





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Re: Going Live

Hello Jose, 


There is no set timeline that I can provide on your going live request. Going live request is reviewed on basis of use case provided along with other information on the going live request. You will be contacted once the team has an update or additional question. 


Please follow the integration guide below:


Visa Checkout is not currently running any promotions or facilitating integration assistance for donations.  


Please remember you need to have an active merchant acquiring account to process Visa Checkout transactions.


Thank you, 


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