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How many time tikes to aprove a projecct?

How many time takes to the teame visa checkout to aprove a project? and what are the cost of the services

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Re: How many time tikes to aprove a projecct?



Thanks for your interest in Visa Checkout and for asking questions about this API in the Visa community forum! I like the fact that you want to learn more about this API and I'd like to provide you with a direct connection that can help answer your questions specific to Visa Checkout.


We've got an expert team for Visa Checkout APIs that will walk you through any questions that you may have. Can you please submit this inquiry to  


Someone will work with you soon after and please feel free to submit another community forum post at any time.


Thank you,




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Re: How many time tikes to aprove a projecct?

Hello, we are also a merchant applying for production environment, its been a month and we have no updates.

If you have any luck passing form Sanbox to Production can you share us your experience and what you did ?