VisaDirect CardAcceptor IdCode and TerminalId

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VisaDirect CardAcceptor IdCode and TerminalId

Hello friends,


I'm making an app and this needs visa direct but in the documentation appear the card Acceptor id code and terminal id. But this app allows to push funds to another client and I don't know where can he get me this requirements.


Please help me.

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Re: VisaDirect CardAcceptor IdCode and TerminalId

Hello Yisus,

CardAcceptor IdCode

An identifier for the card acceptor (Visa Direct Originator). This value should be unique for each originator for whom you are sending transactions. It can be string | Length: 1 - 15 any unique value of your App can be included eg mypaymentapp



The identifier for the terminal at a card acceptor location. If sending transactions from a card not present environment, use the same value for all transactions. string | Length: 1 - 8 . It can be any unique 8 digits such as your Business Identifier Number

Re: VisaDirect CardAcceptor IdCode and TerminalId

Hello people, please i got an actioncode "00" and approvalCode "21324k" , with responseCode "5" when testing visa direct api, using the test data in the sample code along with another valid personal card. i realise my account was not debited after the response. Do i have to send my card pin along with the request load and what excatly is cardAcceptoridCode?

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Re: VisaDirect CardAcceptor IdCode and TerminalId

Hi Yisus:


I pressume you are executing these request in the sandbox environment ( The sandbox is not an integrated environment and is not connected to the network. You can only use the test data provided in the test data tables on the left hand panel of your project in the VDP portal. On the left side of the table you will find the data you will use on the request while on the right side of the table you will find the corresponding response that you would expect to get. Please see the images attached.