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How to configure a Merchant account with its bank account

Hi There,

I am part of a software application development team which is developing a payment gateway that would allow visa, master, Discover, amex etc card processing.
I have gone through the Java SDK provided by Visa and writing some test applications that would test the services currently being catered by Visa.

I want to ask how would we connect our merchant account with the acquiring bank that would allow to credit the proceeds of the online sales on merchants behalf

I went to CyberSource Business Center-->Account Management-->Merchant Information

here the last field is Merchant Account Provider. But this field only takes the name of the acquiring bank not other details like account number , branch name location etc.

What is the way to configure a merchant with it acquiring bank ?


Bhaskar De

Community Manager

Re: How to configure a Merchant account with its bank account

Hi Bhaskar, 


Sounds like you are trying to become a gateway rather than connect with CyberSource


Seeing that CyberSource is a payment gateway the configuration of a CyberSource merchant Id to connect to a payment processing platform, and merchant acquirer takes place within the organization and isn't available directly to the public.


You are trying to develop a business, and will probably need to see the published requirements of payment processors amd no need to speak with CyberSource directly.


Does this clarify things?



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