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Response of get Data after merchant cancel the order via update info

Hi Team,

          We are going to implement visa checkout to our application, while processing with the following flow I am confused how to differntiate while doing api testing,
1 > Consumer make the payment ( successful )
2 > Merchant cancel the order for the callid through update info ( with eventType as Cancel in orderInfo instead of Confirm ). I received 200 as status code and no data under loginDetails
3 > when I tried to get data for that same callid I don't see any differnce the response to differentiate that merchant has cancel the order.
Would like to know am I doing correct procedure or am I doing  something wrong.

Secondly I would like to know is there any screen as a merchant can view all transaction history or any API call to get all transaction for that merchant.


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Re: Response of get Data after merchant cancel the order via update info



Thank you for your question regarding Visa Checkout. We have an expert team that manages questions specific to Visa Checkout. Can you please submit your inquiry via email to


Developer support will then connect you to the right team and someone will help answer your questions.


Thank you, 

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