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Bad Request Visa Direct Api
Request Body
{"systemsTraceAuditNumber":350420,"retrievalReferenceNumber":"401010350420","localTransactionDateTime":"2018-08-07T06:54:28","acquiringBin":409999,"acquirerCountryCode":"101","senderAccountNumber":"1234567890123456","senderCountryCode":"USA","transactionCurrencyCode":"USD","senderName":"John Smith","senderAddress":"44 Market St.","senderCity":"San Francisco","senderStateCode":"CA","recipientName":"Adam Smith","recipientPrimaryAccountNumber":"4957030420210454","amount":"112.00","businessApplicationId":"AA","transactionIdentifier":234234322342343,"merchantCategoryCode":6012,"sourceOfFundsCode":"03","cardAcceptor":{"name":"John Smith","terminalId":"13655392","idCode":"VMT200911026070","address":{"state":"CA","county":"081","country":"USA","zipCode":"94105"}},"feeProgramIndicator":"123"}System.Net Verbose: 0 : [15456] Entering WebRequest::Create(
System.Net Verbose: 0 : [15456] Entering HttpWebRequest#2383799::HttpWebRequest(
System.Net Information: 0 : [15456] Current OS installation type is 'Client'.
System.Net Information: 0 : [15456] RAS supported: True
System.Net Verbose: 0 : [15456] Exiting HttpWebRequest#2383799::HttpWebRequest()
System.Net Verbose: 0 : [15456] Exiting WebRequest::Create() -> HttpWebRequest#2383799
System.Net Verbose: 0 : [15456] Entering HttpWebRequest#2383799::GetRequestStream()
System.Net Error: 0 : [15456] Can't retrieve proxy settings for Uri ''. Error code: 12180.
System.Net Verbose: 0 : [15456] Entering ServicePoint#58870012::ServicePoint(
System.Net Information: 0 : [15456] Associating HttpWebRequest#2383799 with ServicePoint#58870012
System.Net Information: 0 : [15456] Associating Connection#60068066 with HttpWebRequest#2383799
System.Net Information: 0 : [15456] Connection#60068066 - Created connection from to

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Re: Bad Request Visa Direct Api

Hi @nawaraj


I am currently working on your inquiry, I will get back to you soon. 


Thank you, 


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Re: Bad Request Visa Direct Api

Hi @nawaraj


It looks like you are using a proxy server in your code. You need to specify the proxy parameters as shown in the following examples:


HttpWebRequest.Proxy property needs to be set in the code


        HttpRequest request = null;

        request = new HttpPost(url);

        HttpHost proxy = new HttpHost("", 8080, "http"); 

        RequestConfig config = RequestConfig.custom().setProxy(proxy).build();

       ((HttpPost) request).setConfig(config);


Thank you, 



Re: Bad Request Visa Direct Api

I'm also having the same problem most of the people are having this bug it's really annoying Please help!

Thanks in Advance!

Regards from Vidya Vox (Jio4GVoice)

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Re: Bad Request Visa Direct Api


I got this error. 

Exception when calling Funds_transferApi->getmultipullfundstransactions: API call to failed: Received HTTP code 302 from proxy after CONNEC



// Configure proxy

This is for php. I am not understanding.