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Fix PHP Code in Visa Checkout using Cybersouce Payment API

Hello. Right now I always got an error response 'HTTP/1.0 411 Length Required'  when running my PHP code.

I know that my PHP code is incorrect. I cannot find any php sample code in the Cybersource/Visa Checkout documentation or a clear way how to do it correctly.


Here is my incorrect PHP code:


function VisaCheckoutForCybersource(){
	//Hash for x-pay-token
   $time = time();
   $apikey = "myCybersourceAPIkey";
   $secret = "myCybersourceShared Secret key";
   $query_string = "apikey=".$apikey;
   $token = $secret.$time.$query_string;
   $hashtoken = "x:".$time.":".hash('sha256',$token);
   //$url = "".$resource."?".$query_string;
   $url = "".$query_string;
   $PaymentInformation = '{"paymentMethodType":"PAN","callid":"4722488432949012802","vInitRequest":{"apikey":"A86SKC2HI2WDUQ376LQQ21kxHydlE90VW8OmqxnEURq-7IZiE","referenceCallID":"Feb252019Feb262019SBRoom101","settings":{"locale":"en_US","review":{"message":"FP | Booking Dates: February 25, 2019 to February 26, 2019 Room Number: SBRoom101","buttonAction":"Pay"},"displayName":"HHootteeLL","dataLevel":"SUMMARY","widgetStyle":"OVERLAY","buttonPosition":"RELATIVE","shipping":{"collectShipping":"false"},"payment":{"billingCountries":["AU","GB","US"]}},"paymentRequest":{"description":"HHootteeLL VisaCheckoutPayment","currencyCode":"USD","subtotal":"70.83","tax":"14.17","total":"85.00"},"parentUrl":"","enableUserDataPrefill":false,"displayName":"HHootteeLL","browserLocale":"en_US","clientId":"9134ffb7-7695-1a45-83c8-163bad443f02","allowEnrollment":true,"allowSRC":true,"allowCustomBranding":false,"guestCheckout":false,"currencyFormat":"currencyCode ###,###, ###.##","logoUrl":""}}';
   $PaymentInformation = json_decode($PaymentInformation, true);
   $data->clientReferenceInformation->code = uniqid();
   $data->paymentInformation->fluidData->value = $PaymentInformation;
   $data->paymentInformation->fluidData->key = 'Cybersource Visa Checkout API Key from cybersource website';
   $data->processingInformation->visaCheckoutID ='4722488432949012802';
   $data->processingInformation->paymentSolution = 'visacheckout';

   $header = (array("x-pay-token: ". $hashtoken, "Accept: application/json","Content-Type: application/json"));
   $options = array('http' => array('header' => $header, 'method' => 'POST', 'content' => $data ));

   //Update Visa Checkout Payment Data

      $context  = stream_context_create($options);
      $result = file_get_contents($url, false, $context);

      if ($http_response_header[0] != 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK'){
         echo "Error in executing Visa Checkout payment charges." . $http_response_header[0] . $result; 
         echo $result;

Please look at my code and help me give a correct php sample code as soon as possible. thank you.


Visa Dev Moderator

Re: Fix PHP Code in Visa Checkout using Cybersouce Payment API



Thanks for the inquiry. We are looking into this issue. Will keep you posted shortly.





Re: Fix PHP Code in Visa Checkout using Cybersouce Payment API

Ok. I can wait. Please do not make my wait longer. I only need javascript/jquery php code how to accept Visa Checkout payment using Cybersource as payment service provider.