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i want to create an online wallet but i dont know the best API to choose between Visa direct and Cybersource.

the major problem im facing is i dont know if my customers will be able to use there card credentials to deposit to my wallet when i use visa direct (Since they indicate use of an account number in visa direct API documentation, i want to be able to use the card number, expiry and security code to authenticate the payment) and the other problem is it is not clear whether cybersource accepts debit cards too

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Re: Visa direct

Hey @ntami,


Please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case.


Per your digital wallet use case, I would recommend the Visa Token Service API or Visa Checkout API to be a good fit.
If you are a card on file merchant, then Visa Token Service may be an option for you if you are looking to tokenize to reduce risk. For Visa Token Service, the card itself is tokenized by the merchant so they can charge the card without storing the PAN. How you are looking to handle the data will depend on whether or not you are a good potential fit for Visa Token Service.
For Visa Checkout, the consumers are the ones logging in for their card information to be pulled via the Visa Checkout API. Consumers can store their card and shipping information with Visa Checkout so that they only need to enter a username and credential, such as a password or biometric, at checkout.


If you're interested in using Visa Direct, you can also use it with the Payment Account Validation API to ensure the account is valid.


The Payment Account Validation API provides several methods that you can use to determine if a particular Visa account is valid. The API currently provides three methods of account validation: Account Verification, Address Verification and Card Verification Value (CVV2) Validation.


Besides that, CyberSource can process debit cards too. If you have questions about CyberSource, please reach out to CyberSource directly using the phone number below.

CyberSource Support - 800-709-7779


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