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Visa Direct Watch List Screening API currently Unavailable

Starting sometime yesterday after about 7pm EST the Visa Direct Watchlist API starting returning 403s and the following body

'{\"responseStatus\":{\"status\":403,\"code\":\"9611\",\"severity\":\"ERROR\",\"message\":\"Authorization Failed for the URL.\",\"info\":\"\"}}'

All other Visa Direct API Endpoints for still behaving normally, and our certificates are valid.

It also looks like the Documentation for this API has been removed from the API Reference for Visa Direct, yet it is still mentioned as available on the main Visa Direct getting started page (

Has the Watch List API Endpoint been removed from the Sandbox environment?

I looked in the API Change log and there is no reference to this API.

What is the state of the Visa Direct Watchlist API Endpoint?

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Re: Visa Direct Watch List Screening API currently Unavailable

Hey @stosh, sorry you're experiencing that!


We sent a few emails to accounts with projects having watch list screening API but we must have missed your project. Apologies if you didn't receive this.  

Users of this API are required to sign specific terms applicable to this API which means before your project is moved through the production process, you will be required to sign the terms. We have removed this API from your project so as not to cause confusion, so this means no action is needed from you now.

If you want to use this API, please let us know so that a member of our team can work with you to sign the terms and add the API back to your project.

Sorry for the confusion. Let me know if you have any questions. 




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Re: Visa Direct Watch List Screening API currently Unavailable

I am also getting the same issue. Is your issue got solved.

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